CII Startupreneurs Forum

CII initiated a new service from its regional offices - Startupreneurs forum. Through this forum, which is membership based, CII which would provide support services to start up’s with a vision to create / develop an ecosystem for India to become a Nation of Startupreneurs.

This forum would work under the following:

  • To set up CII Startupreneurs Forum across India to include resource pools of Mentors / Investors / Role Models.
  • To provide awareness and knowledge for the startups on building businesses, access to funding, skills, etc.
  • To design and develop training modules for cross functional & Sector specific training programs and for Training the Trainers.
  • Engage with the Startup community and provide much needed hand-holding support and guidance with a large vision to create more entrepreneurs.
  • To Motivate New Age Entrepreneurship vis-a-vis improving Employment opportunities for Individuals.
  • Conduct Policy research and push for efficient implementation of Start-up Initiatives and policy reforms as rolled out by the Government and propose new policy measures to be taken up with the Government (Central and State).
  • To recommend to CII Startup council across states and region on all matters related to Start-up ecosystem development in the respective locations.
  • Engage with Venture capitalists, Private Equity fund managers, Banks and other financial institutions for the development of Startups eco-system.
  • To collaborate with Academic and R&D Institutions in piloting ideas to making it commercially viable businesses.
  • Organize flagship Regional Event on start-up and acknowledge them through start-up awards through a process.
  • To work with CII membership in creation of supplier based startups and handholding support thereby assuring businesses for Startups.