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A Short Guide to the Life Stages of a Startup
There are distinct phases that mark the journey of a startup from selecting an idea to turning it into reality. To find out how you should successfully manage each stage and get tips from mentors and investors. Read more
Compliance Requirements
It’s advisable to be aware of all the environment and labour law requirements pertaining to startups. Here’s an overview of compliance needs in manufacturing and ITES sectors in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
What Should a Founders Agreement Cover?
A founder agreement is the business equivalent of a prenuptial agreement. To know how to create a strong founder agreement. Read more
How to Write a Business Plan
Your business plan is an evolving document, meant for you, your team and investors. Know more about what makes a good business plan.
How to Build a Great Founding Team
The combination of a great idea and a strong team has a greater chance of getting investor attention. Read more
Template for an Investor Pitch Deck
It’s important to create an impressive pitch deck to catch investor attention. Here are the basic slides you will need in your deck.
Why is Having a Startup Exit Strategy Important?
By thinking and planning ahead, you're much more likely to be prepared when you do exit − whether that's in 18 months or 10 years down the road. Read more