Raising capital is an important part of an entrepreneur’s journey especially for those who don’t have the option of using their own resources. Investors will be interested in you at different points of your entrepreneurship journey:

● Concept stage: When all you have is an idea and conviction based on some insights

● MVP stage: When you have developed a Minimum Viable Product but are yet to test it in the market

● POC stage: When your product (or MVP) has been tested at a small scale

● Early-customers: When you have launched your product and have some early customers, so that investors know that your product and concept does have value for some users.

● Early-growth: When you have launched and there is evidence of your plans working out well in the market. To reach this stage you would probably have raised some angel funding.

● Growth-stage: When you have proven your model, and now are confident that this can be scaled nationally or globally.

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